Where we work together to unleash our ideas to help each other!

Get to be a part of our 12 week program where we focus on growing your business or non-profit!

  • Invest 1 hr/wk on small, action-packed meetings where the same group stays together for the entire program.

  • Facilitated by some of the best coaches around.

  • We will work together to unleash our ideas to help each other.

  • ThinkLocal will send Action Items each week.

  • Come ready with your challenge and be ready to share ideas. It's Grow time!!!

Let's get to know you!


Meet Ben Palmer

Founder | ThinkLocal

"Everything I do is to help those around me improve their situation! I love learning about your needs/challenges and finding winning solutions. Whether business or personal, I want to see you WIN! Let’s run fast and hit a HOMERUN together! I believe in brand-building, the power of a GREAT STORY, saving money and investing wisely to build strong financial futures."

Be a part of something Amazing.

Let's take your business to the next level!

12 Weeks Program

Current Offers

  • 20% OFF for all Chamber Members

    use code: save20

  • 20% OFF for all Veteran-owned businesses

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  • 20% OFF for all Non-profits

    use code: save20

  • 50% OFF for UNDER $50K in revenue, under 100 members for non-profits and businesses opened in the last 6 months use code: save50

Our incredible facilitators

Meet Brent!


Brent Halfwassen

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, dad, and operational and financial expert dedicated to transforming you into an amazing business owner so you can achieve your dreams.

Brent will lead team roundtables and pour value into your business! Let's grow your business!

Meet Gary!


Gary Loop

I help business leaders and entrepreneurs experience success they never thought possible. With over 20 years of extensive business experience and an ability to build high levels of trust with my clients, I offer a unique array of skill sets. My history as a standup comedian allows me to rapidly assess human behavior - in highly dynamic and complex situations – to ensure a smooth process improvement implementation. As a result, every client relationship is highly engaged, intensely comprehensive, uniquely executed, and professionally enjoyable.

LinkedIn: Gary Loop

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As part of our program you get access to the

Business Accelerator Program

The Accelerated Cash Flow System and Business Development Coaching Program was built to guide business owners like you to become less busy, more effective and make more money!

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